About us

VRESSO has developed into a group of companies which consist of the following:

  Vresso S.A.L. Lebanon, serving Lebanon and the regional countries in sales and distribution of full line food service equipment and laundry.   Vresso offshore is the international arm for contracting in different parts of the world.   VRESSO in IRAQ ERBIL/KURDISTAN region was established in November 2013 in order to cater the requirements of the hospitality sector in the country, entering to the market professional equipment and exceptional service  
  VRESSO Jordan was established in June 2014 in order to cater the requirements of Food Services & Laundry Equipment from Concepts, Projects & Services
Vresso-Qatar W.L.L. which was established January 2007 is a subsidiary in Qatar with complete sales, installation and service team.
  Merging in 1999 with Vresso and located at the heart of Beirut City, Cutlass SAL serves the same industry with lighter equipment needs focusing on end users, dealers and supermarkets.    
  Sabounjian Industrielle factory produces custom stainless steel items for domestic and commercial kitchens.          


Mission Statement

With the purpose of catering to the needs of the food service industry, how we do business here at Vresso has evolved with the change of time and global business environment, however the organizations purpose remains revolved around addressing customer needs while creating maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

We seek to address our clients by committment to innovative layout designs, contracting, selection of equipment, procurement and commissioning in projects of any size. Our core principle remains dedication to after sales service to enhance our partners satisfaction, success and growth equally.


Vision Statement

Unsurpassed quality of after sales service and support by trained and certified engineers.

Progress towards our vision is what unifies efforts of our company's personnel.

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