Market Segments

Fast Food Chains, and quick serve restaurant equipment with high capacity for high output locations.
Equipment for snack bars, pubs, bistros, dinners, clubs, pizzerias, schools, universities and fine dining restaurants.
Complete kitchens for hospitals and laundry units. Full equipment outfit for any health care division.
Standard industry items to custom built specialty display products, fabricating stainless steel built products such as bar stations, work benches and stainless steel handrails.
Total line for soft, hard, shake and gelato. For production plants to unique display and dispensing units. Equipment for ice cream parlors as well as QSR restaurants.
A full range of equipment. From good to great and outstanding quality, including your cooking line to your combi oven what we supply you is built to last with American and European equipment.
Washing, extraction and drying technology with leading innovation. - Flat work processing - Fully dry laundry processing - Garment processing - Compact dryers and presses High efficiency operations through automatic work, handling concepts and cost saving features are our objectives.
Full diversified range of products to serve supermarkets of all sizes with display counters, preparation areas and refrigerated storage.
Complete shops with pastries and bakery display cases, hot cold and neutral. Production equipment for pastries, bakery and Arabic sweets, artisan operations to full line manufacturing operations as well as chocolate.
All equipment for snack bars, pubs, bistros, dinners, clubs, pizzerias, schools, universities and restaurants
Some of the main sectors requiring catering equipment could be grouped as; restaurants, pubs, bars, takeaways, caterers, local authorities, hospitals and schools
The wide range of models is addressed to customers belonging to small confectionery laboratories, medium-sized and catering industry.
We provide everything related to popcorn, juice, sweet vending machines, refrigerators, etc…
The cold rooms include a range set sizes or they can be tailored, made to your specifications ready for prime cilimitization. Designed for situations where freezers simply aren't enough, cold rooms are ideal for establishments such as restaurants, hotels, etc…
Sleek design, high quality finishes, unique patterns. What looks like a luxury domestic kitchen furniture, is actually a new solution a modular furniture system, replaceable hobs, easy assembly without tools and intuitive operation. Easy to transport in bags and wheeled cases
The concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and elegance of equipment

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